Why choose DR Associates for your PHSP?


We are a boutique financial firm specializing in Private Health Services Plans for Canadian businesses.  Our competitors would like you to think that because we're a small family business that's a disadvantage.  In fact our size is a huge advantage for you.  You not only get the lowest cost, highest quality PHSP in Canada but you get personal service 24-7 from a dedicated staff.  We won't try to sell you web portals or phone apps that can be hacked.  In fact, your confidential financial and health information security is our top priority.  We use encrypted email for claim submission and keep all personal data in our offline computer system where it's safe.

We've been providing direct reimbursement dental plans, insurance and financial consulting services to Canadian businesses since 1988, and we are accredited by the Better Business Bureau.  We invite you to read the references in our FAQ "Concepts" section.  In fact, we've never lost a client who uses our plans.

Direct Reimbursement Associates Ltd is proud to offer secure Online Claim Submission via e-Courier.  e-Courier makes submitting a claim quick and easy, saving you time as well as being the most secure document submission route available.  All your confidential health and financial information is encrypted right from your computer to ours.  Don't settle for less.

At Direct Reimbursement Associates Ltd, we value your business and want to earn it.  We want you to comparison shop and select the best service to meet your needs.  We are very confident you will conclude that Direct Reimbursement Associates is the most economical PHSP/HSA provider in Canada.

While all PHSPs must follow the same tax regulations, you may have a requirement for one of our competitors' value-added services like a more complicated plan called a health trust.  Direct Reimbursement Associates does not offer health trusts - we offer a basic PHSP/HSA service to maximize tax savings to you while maintaining low-cost, simplicity and speed.

The websites of our competitors are informative and will help you further understand the marketplace for these Private Health Services Plans in Canada.  Ultimately, we believe the ongoing operating cost (claim administration fee) and personalized service should be the key determinants in selecting your plan provider.


1.  What is the fee to register a new plan?
2.  Is there an annual registration fee?
3.  Is there a fee to add or terminate an employee to the plan?
4.  What is the claim administration fee per claim?
5.  Is the claim administration fee "bundled" with other products to obscure it?
6.  Can I buy those other products elsewhere cheaper?
7.  Is there a fee to make changes to our plan once it is set-up?
8.  Do you use employee and employer web portals that hackers may attack?
9.  Do you have an encrypted email service for submission of all documents?
10. Do you require us to deposit funds with you in advance of any claims?
11. What is the guaranteed turn around time between a claim and its reimbursement?
12. Do you sell insurance?
13. Is there a monthly premium for your HSA?
14. How long have you been in business?
15. Are you accredited by the Better Business Bureau?
16. Will you provide references from other businesses like ours that have your plan?
17. What other businesses are you in besides Health Spending Accounts?
18. Do you have an approved secure fax line?
19. Does my staff have to pay a monthly bill?
20. Will you be continually sending marketing material to my inbox?
21. Is there a new plan registration fee if I switch from another HSA provider?

We hope that these questions will help you choose your PHSP/HSA provider wisely.  We don't subscribe to expensive SEO, own golf courses or do backroom deals.  We do hope that you get a seamless, inexpensive PHSP/HSA plan that you and your employees love.

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