Forms We Need

We dislike long, complicated forms just like you do.  Here's a description of all our forms.  Hit the green button link below to get the form you need.  OR just fill out and sign the "Register Online Now" at the very bottom of this page and we'll get back to you with the ones we need.

PLEASE use our secure email service to send us any document.  Follow this link:

Registration Form
We need this for all plans.  Call us anytime if you need help.

Appendix A – Eligible Employee(s)
Appendix A is required for all incorporated businesses AND proprietorships with arms-length employees.

Appendix C – Family Members
Appendix C is required for unincorporated businesses only.

Pay-As-You-Go Plan Claim
Just give this claim form to your employer, signed and with receipts, in order to process your claim.

Pre-Authorized Plan Claim
You can send this claim and receipts directly to us, bypassing your employer if you are on a PAD plan.

Direct Deposit Request
Send us this form OR a Direct Deposit form from your bank OR a VOID personal cheque so we know where to send your reimbursements.  By doing so you agree to the terms of this form.

Pre-Authorized Debit Agreement
This form only needs to be signed and submitted once, and can be cancelled at any time.

Switching to DRA Form
A little helpful form when you're switching to us from another provider.  Remember, if you switch we will waive your registration fee! Register Online Now