How to register your new health benefits plan.

It's easy!

Follow these 3 easy steps, email us for a registration package or use the green links at the bottom of the page to get the ball rolling right now.  The minimum we need to get you set up is the Registration Form and the Registration Fee ($100).  We'll get back to you for more details within 24 hours.

Step 1. The Registration Form:

Don't be afraid of making a mistake on this form - it's easy to amend later by email.  Make sure you sign it and include the $100 registration fee, but you can leave any selections you're unsure of blank for now, and we'll contact you when we receive it. 

Step 2. Other Forms We Need:
The following forms are available by clicking on the "Forms" link at the top of this page.
If your business is unincorporated AND has only family members employed we require form "Appendix C: Family Members". 
If your business is incorporated OR is unincorporated but has arms-length (non-family) employees we require form "Appendix A: Eligible Employee(s)" to enrol the arms-length employees.
Whether your business is incorporated or not we will need a "Pre-Authorized Debit Agreement" and void business cheque for withdrawals to pay claims and void personal cheques or bank direct deposit form so we can deposit your reimbursements into your personal bank account.

Step 3. How to pay the Registration Fee:
Activation of your registration requires the payment of a one-time registration fee of $100.00 unless you are switching from another plan provider or we have waived the fee for some reason.  There is no GST on this registration fee, and it is the last fee you will ever pay us other than the claim processing fee of 5%.  Use an electronic funds transfer like InterAc to send your payment to - Please note that the Registration Fee of $100 cannot be paid by Pre-Authorized Debit.

Confused?  Feel free to call us anytime.  Our email address is 

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