DRA Executive Team

Dave Balfour is our President and General Manager.  He has been involved with financial planning, insurance and small business consulting since 1988.  "I believe in the Golden Rule, and try to treat every client like I would my own family.  Quality people are the backbone of any business, and our people are the best.  DRA is small enough to be responsive to our clients yet large enough to offer consistency and dependability day-in and day-out.  We'll make sure you love your health plan!"  You can expect a personal call from Dave when you are registering your plan. 

Mary Balfour is our Vice-President and Claims Adjudicator - and is also in charge of Accounting.  When she's out of the office you'll find her working in the garden on her beloved acreage.  "One of my goals is to simplify the claim process for our clients and their employees."


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